DRINK: Bison Beer comes to Brighton

A cool little shop nestled at the bottom of East Street recently caught our eye. Being curious types, we popped in to take a look around and see what all the fuss was about. What greeted us was an epic emporium of beer that would make Homer Simpson very happy indeed.

Bison Beer  Bison Beer

With over 300 different varieties of beer sourced from all over the world, Bison Beer was founded by Nick Vardy and Jack Cregan who wanted to join in with the craft beer revolution and enable Brighton folk to sample a huge array of beers with names like Hip Hop (our favourite), Dirty Stop Out and Big Wave, as well as their very own growlers.

Bison Beer  Bison Beer

Growlers originate from the US and contain 64oz of beer (around three and a half pints). You can choose from different in-house draught beers on tap and take it away in your growler. They’ll also let you try before you buy, which we will be taking full advantage of next time we visit. It seems you have to have a beard to work here (obvs), but not to drink here, so hop along soon and get your beer fix.

Bison Beer Crafthouse, 7 East Street, Brighton, BN1 1HP. Map.

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