SHOP: Miffy Magic

We’ve always had a special place in our heart for Miffy, the cute rabbit designed by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. Whilst living in Amsterdam we grew particularly fond of her as she adorned bookshops and toyshops all over the city.

So we were very happy when we spied this Miffy Pancake Pan and Mold Set, just in time for Shrove Tuesday on 12th February. The rubber mold means you can shape pancakes (and eggs) into Miffy’s silhouette. How cool is that? Forget the kids, we’ll be serving ourselves one of these on Pancake Day. £24.99 from the Miffy Shop.

This floor standing light is also an absolute must for die-hard Miffy fans. Every time we walk past Pussy Home Boutique we can’t help but stare longingly at the light, wishing we were six again and could get away with having it in our bedroom. It comes in small and large, but you have to go large for maximum effect. From £145 from Pussy Home Boutique. Map.

Miffy MagicMiffy Magic

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