MyBrighton: Lizzy Bishop, Brighton Fashion Week

MyBrighton is a regular feature profiling interesting Brighton residents, finding out where they go to relax, eat, drink and shop. Its aim is to uncover secret hideouts and hidden gems that every Brightonian should know about.

Lizzy Bishop is the director of Brighton Fashion Week, an annual event that began eight years ago as a one-off show for a friend who was having trouble getting her collection shown. It started life as Brighton Frocks, then morphed into Brighton Fashion Weekend, and this year celebrates its third year as a fully-fledged fashion week.

MyBrighton: Lizzy Bishop, Brighton Fashion Week

How did you end up in Brighton and how long have you lived here?
A friend introduced me to Brighton 11 years ago, when I was studying at Southampton University. I fell in love with the place there and then, transferred to Brighton University and have never looked back.

What is your favourite place in Brighton?
I love walking around the sea wall at the Marina. It feels like you’re right out in the middle of the ocean and it’s a great place to go and ponder.

What is your least-favourite place in Brighton?
West Street – need I say more?

When you’re not working, how do you relax?
Relax? Well I try. I find the best way is to disappear to somewhere amazing for at least a month in the year. Last year it was East Africa, this year … I’m not sure yet. Any suggestions welcome.

What is the best restaurant in Brighton and why?
At the moment my favorite restaurant is Murasaki at Seven Dials. But that might change tomorrow. The great thing about Brighton is the variety of places on offer.

What is the best pub in Brighton and why?
The Dorset on North Road. There’s always someone in there I know, it’s full of friends and fun, creative types. It’s got a lovely Parisian feel to it; home to artists, vagrants and rockabillies.

Best late-nigh hangout?
I really like The Black Dove in Kemp Town. It’s got the vibe of an old American speakeasy and there’s a little den downstairs. Everything is higgledy-piggledy, falling down and covered in knick-knacks – and the bar is very well stocked!

What is your favourite shop in Brighton and why?
I’m in a bit of a vintage mood at the moment and Brighton’s great for that. My top tips are Kate & Aud and Tramp Vintage Boutique, both on Trafalgar Street. Oh yes, and there’s a little shop next to Clock Tower Cameras on Church Street. It doesn’t look much from the outside, but have a good old rummage and you’ll be surprised at what you can find in there.

What annoys you most about Brighton?
It’s a bit annoying when the city gets swamped with out-of-towners in the summer months. It gets so crowded and people leave a lot of litter on the beach. It would be nice to have the place to ourselves for those golden months. But then I also think, the more the merrier!

What’s your idea of the perfect weekend?
When the weather is kind and I’m surrounded by good friends: chatting, eating, reminiscing, laughing, just being.

Best piece of advice for people visiting Brighton?
Come to Brighton Fashion Week, of course. Other than that, I’d say have a snoop around Kemp Town and the other not-so-obvious places. Kemp Town has some real gems tucked away and there are some excellent pubs in Hanover, for example. The North Laine and South Lanes are great, but they’re not all Brighton has to offer.

If you were escaping for the day where would you go and why?
The old town in Hastings is really brilliant; loads of cheap vintage and second-hand shops. Lewes is good for that too and both towns have really interesting histories. I’m very partial to The Bull in Ditchling for a slap-up Sunday roast too. Oh, and the Bluebell Woods in Arlington in May. I always try and get a trip in there, just before Fashion Week, to breathe in that beautiful bluebell scent.

Name one place you couldn’t live without in Brighton?
You know what? There’s nothing I couldn’t live without. I like variety.

Describe Brighton in three words?
Eccentric, moreish and balmy (even in winter, it’s got that glow).

For more information about Brighton Fashion Week go to or email
Facebook: Brighton Fashion Week
Twitter: @bfw2012 or @LizzyBFW

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