Toy Hacking Workshops

If you liked the Mutant Toys in Pixar’s Toy Story, you’ll love Toy Hacking with Exploring Senses. Artists Hannah Coxeter and David Allistone set up Exploring Senses in October 2011 with the aim of raising people’s aspirations, increasing personal development and encouraging creative learning through inclusive, participatory events.

Toy Hacking Workshops Toy Hacking Workshops Toy Hacking Workshops

And they’ve been taking the creative world by storm with their Toy Hacking workshops being held throughout Brighton. Children can turn abandoned, tired and unloved toys into downright bonkers and truly unique creations. Sindy with a hedgehog head? Check. Noddy on a Dalek? Check. Hello Kitty Shrek? OK, that’s a bit odd. But it’s the weirdness that makes the workshops stand out from all the other crafty kids activities in Brighton, and why we adore the mutant toys so much.

At the last event held at Brighton’s Jubilee Library, over 200 people took part, creating some marvellous mutants to take home. There are two workshops planned over the coming weeks, so get out there and get hacking.

Toy Hacking Workshops Toy Hacking Workshops Toy Hacking Workshops

Toy Hacking Workshops: Saturday 17th November, City Assembly, Hove Town Hall, Hove. Map. 11.30am-12.30pm; Sunday 2nd December, Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade, Brighton. Map. 2pm-3.30pm. Free. Open to all ages. Toys are provided, but feel free to bring any unwanted toys.

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