We Heart John Dilnot

We’ve always admired Brighton-based John Dilnot’s work from afar and were lucky enough to meet him recently at Brighton Art Fair. Based in a studio in New England House, his colourful, eye-catching artwork can be found in some of the best shops in Brighton, with birds, worms and insects all taking centre stage.

We Heart John DilnotWe Heart John Dilnot

A childhood spent rooting around his grandparent’s large garden in Kent left a lasting impression on John, and is still a constant source of inspiration. He taught himself to screen-print and make letterpress prints, and used the larder to develop and print photographs. Always one to experiment with DIY art techniques and processes, it is these creative techniques that make his work stand out from his contemporaries.

We Heart John DilnotWe Heart John Dilnot

He has recently unveiled a collection of new work, much of it looking at the human relationship with nature. Our favourite is (naturally) the Startled starlings print (£120), but we’ve also fallen in love with the Underfoot print (£250) and beautifully crafted With the Worms books (£50). His brilliant use of colour and attention to detail makes us very happy indeed. For more information about John take a look at his website here.

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